Ever since the first day I entered a mogul competition, I knew that this sport was for me. The thrill and adrenaline associated with stepping into the gate before each run, knowing you could have the run of your life, is a feeling that I will cherish years after I stop mogul skiing. I love stepping it up each day during training and competition to face every obstacle that I encounter along my journey; each surpassed challenge leaves me wanting more. Throughout my career, the most important lesson I’ve learned is how consistent hard work and determination pay off in the long run.

After two years representing the United States on the top level of my sport, I’m thankful for all of the experience I’ve gained. This past season brought about several big lessons for me — in being named as the first alternate for the Winter Olympic Games (and consequently being forced to take a hard look at my career and current training/competition practices) I learned quite a bit about myself, in addition to discovering a consistent fire in my skiing that will characterize each of my mogul runs moving forward. From the lessons, though, came my best — and most consistent — results as I finished out the season (including a 4th place singles finish, my best World Cup Singles result ever).

Moving forward into a new Olympic cycle, I am determined to give the next 4 years my everything. I want to push the women’s side of the sport through tricks with higher degrees of difficulty, all while solidifying my place as the best mogul skier in the world. This season (which includes World Championships) is sure to be one of the most exciting yet!!

Beyond the Bumps

Aside from freestyle competitive skiing, I have recently graduated from Stanford Online High School, a highly selective independent school for gifted students and intellectual risk takers. For the next step in my education, I’m beyond excited to be a student at Columbia University in NYC!!!

Giving Back

When I’m at home in Park City, I have been volunteering a few hours per week at the local food bank - The Christian Center of Park City. I also volunteer at Nuzzles and Co. - the animal adoption shelter in Park City. My time volunteering has helped me to realize how important it is to give back, and how even a small bit of effort can make a big difference in one’s community.

Where in the World is Olivia?

2018-19 Competition Schedule

Ruka, FIN | Dec 7 | MO

Thaiwoo, CHN | Dec 15 | MO

Thaiwoo, CHN | Dec 16 | MO

Calgary, CAN | Jan 12 | MO

Lake Placid, USA | Jan 18 | MO

Mont-Tremblant, CAN | Jan 26 | MO

*Park City, USA | Feb 8 | MO

*Park City, USA | Feb 9 | DM

Tazawako, JPN | Feb 23 | MO

Tazawako, JPN | Feb 24 | DM

Shymbulak, KAZ | Mar 2 | MO

Shymbulak, KAZ | Mar 3 | DM

*2019 World Championships


12th Overall Standing on World Cup Tour
4th Tazawako, Japan WC - Moguls
6th Thaiwoo, China WC - Moguls
10th Tazawako, Japan WC - Dual Moguls
3rd Moguls, 4th Dual Moguls
US National Championships
2nd & 3rd Moguls
Australian Nationals


2017 FIS World Cup Rookie of the Year
11th Overall Standing on World Cup Tour
3rd Tazawako, Japan WC - Dual Moguls
4th Deer Valley, USA WC - Dual Moguls
10th Tazawako, Japan WC - Moguls
15th Moguls, 17th Dual Moguls
2017 World Championships
1st Dual Moguls, 3rd Moguls
2017 Junior World Championships


2nd 2016 US National Championships
Qualified for the
2016-17 US National Team
1st 2016 US Junior National Championships
16th 2016 Deer Valley, USA WC - Moguls
3rd Moguls, 4th Moguls, 5th Dual Moguls
2015 US Selections
1st U15, 4th Overall
2015 Junior National Championships
2nd U15, 12th Overall
2014 Junior National Championships
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